Friday, February 1, 2008

republican or democrat

walt, a buddy of mine, sent me a link to i've been leaning towards obama since the beginning so i wasn't surprised to see obama at the top of my list. i was however surprised to see clinton in the 2nd position & edwards (prior to him dropping out) in the 3rd slot. my one, two, & three were all democrats!

i started to wonder, am i a democrat too? maybe i am. i know i grew up in a conservative household. i was in the military. i'm a hard worker & it grates my every nerve when i'm around someone that is not. i liked reagan. i'm not a fan of giving stuff to people that don't work for it. i even used to watch
rush limbaugh's TV broadcast with my dad when i lived at home & i own a couple of bill o'reilly & michael savage books!

so what happened?

i still think people should work hard & that we must maintain a strong military. that doesn't mean that i think that our approach to the war we are in was right. i think the topic of abortion & gay marriage are just distractions & that isn't what determines whether you are a republican or a democrat. i think our health care is better than any other country's, however, i think the costs are insane & too many people can't afford health care. i think global warming is a real thing & that we need to address many other environmental issues. i think we should allot more money to education because we as a nation are *not* getting smarter.

so is this how a democrat thinks?

i should have mentioned that giuliani was my least favorite according to when i first learned of him running i thought for sure he would win my vote. i've always liked the guy, i've read quite a bit about his tenure as mayor in NY, & i've seen him speak once in dallas & let me just tell you he's nothing like our current president - thank goodness!

in the end i think this year's ticket will look like obama/edwards & mccain/giuliani. if that's the case, i'll be voting for the smoker.


Eryn said...

you saw that giuliani and edwards dropped out of the race right?

Brian Kirk said...

yes :) i actually mentioned edwards dropping out in my post & just decided not to bother with saying any more about giuliani. you notice that i picked edwards to be on the ticket with obama right & giuliani to be on the ticket with mccain? who might miss rambling 20-something vote for?

Eryn said...

i'm hoping to vote for obama. but will vote for any blue candidate on the ticket in the end.

Paul said...

i tried out the votechooser website and my top #1 candidates turned out to be romney and mccain. i really like romney's principle and political stances. It was pretty tough to swallow when he announced his drop out from the presidential race after super tuesday. his farewell speech was one of the best that I have heard from any candidate and will be remembered to years to come.

to me, all the candidates (and even bush except on border enforcement) share common threads (affordable healthcare, global warming, don't support illegal immigration, enforce the borders, national security, improve economy, environment preservations, energy independence). i voted twice for bush and like many conservatives, are dissatisfied with his performance during the second term (handling of the war, dubai port, comprehensive immigration reform, removal of his border fence policy, $1.3 trillion budget) i am not a mccain fan especially with the past mccain/kennedy comprehensive immigration reform bill on illegal immigrants, keating 5, mccain/feingold, but I will support him (not because he's republican) on many of his political stances and believe that he's the best candidate remaining. i believe mccain can bring the troops home with victory in iraq and stability for a free iraq within his 1st term. hoping it will be a mccain/romney ticket. ironically, i like obama more than mccain and if the presidency was about who i like the most, then it is obama. he's very captivating and has great personal appeal..but i do not agree on many of his political positions. i don't believe in higher domestic entitlements and the math doesn't add up on he can pay for his federal program for affordable healthcare without raising more taxes. i believe the earth is going through a global warming period and as individuals, we should be always environmentally conscious in lowering pollutions. however i won't go as far as saying that it is caused solely by mankind as al gore depicts with his pictures of mt. kilimanjaro (glaciers depleting since 1890), CO2 vs temp correlation (closer look will show that CO2 increase after temperature rises by avg 800-1000 year lag), but no explanation why mars is also going through a global warming period too. i am not in agreeance when obama telling people to get rid of their SUVs but leaves in a SUV after his speech (he says he likes his SUVs). i am not sure how well he will handle foreign issues. he believed that we needed to get overthrow musharaff immediately after the bhutto assassination (with who?). i definitely don't agree that illegals should have driver's license so hit and run people who are illegals can identify themselves to the authorities (doesn't make sense to me). i like obama's position in eliminating lobbyists and him returning federal lobby money. it's admiral but tell the public that you keep money from federal lobbyist's family members and from State lobbyists. i don't believe the iraq war was a mistake but how the war is being handled by bush is. our troops shouldn't fight with one hand tied behind their backs and fought as a conventional war. i believe bush is not a liar just had bad intelligence from slashed defense funds and intelligence staff from the clinton years; remember when bill clinton bombed iraq for 4 days straight in oct 98 and his televised speech that saddam had wmd, chemical, and nuclear weapons. time will tell about wmd.

Brian Kirk said...

it doesn't sound like you are approaching this election blindley & i respect your many points. i suppose i have three concerns with mccain. 1. the way he kissed bush's ass during the last presidential election, 2. his inability to make any change over the past 4-years (he hasn't show much leadership). 3. his most recent comments about staying in iraq for a 100 years if that's what it will take.