Tuesday, January 29, 2008

naturally effervescent & germ free

a good number of my office mates have gotten ill recently. after having one of my guys tell me over e-mail thankfully that he definitely has strep throat i decided it was time to do some spring cleaning in the office. so i announced to the office that beginning today at 4:30 we’d break out the cleaners & wipe all areas down which would include clearing off mounds of paper & crap off of people’s desk.

i even stopped at whole foods on my way in the morning & picked up two boxes of
emergen-c for everyone to take. i also for the first time picked up a bottle of organic synergy kombucha tea. it’s supposed to be super healthy & i’m all for defending my immune system from the crap folks have & are spreading in the office. i can’t risk getting sick at this stage of my training – i’m just beginning to ramp up & get in the groove. i was pretty excited about the drink so when i got in my car i quickly opened it & myself & the inside of my car got dosed with kombucha tea. i missed the little warning label on the top that reads “naturally effervescent – be careful when opening.” it was mostly a light mist of kombucha that was released – none the less it required a bit of clean-up. the stuff really is pretty horrible BTW.

it’s now 7pm & i’m not feeling sick & actually about to leave the office & head to the gym for some time with the bike training & food network so i suppose my double doses of emergen-c & kombucha tea paid off. probably didn’t hurt that i took a multi-V this morning & had 3 -4 cups of green tea throughout the day.

unfortunately i got consumed by conf calls & other work & forgot to have everyone start the cleaning today at 4:30 as planned & since no one really wants to clean no one reminded me. so tomorrow we’ll clean the joint up & make it as germ free as possible.


Eryn said...

you watch the food network while working out too? alex thinks that it's counter productive bc then i'll be all appetized and such and want to go home and eat lots of delicious food.

never happens though....i practice self restraint :-)

Brian Kirk said...

i love the food network! i can totally zone out. i'm not so much in love with the food as i am the art & creativity that goes into so much of the cooking. i suppose that is why i don't like the quick cooks like rachel ray - it's just too simple.