Tuesday, February 5, 2008

rest & recovery

i should take some pointers from our pup payton.

i’ve got to stop being so hard-headed & i need to let my body recover. since january 1st of this year i’ve yet to take a full day off. granted, i’ve had probably 3 or 4 days where all i did was a yoga class or light weights at home. however, i think i may have to take a full day off & just relax & let my body rebuild.

yesterday's "recovery" ride on the spin bike (45-mins) & then light weights & pilates at home (35-mins) wiped me out. i felt horrible & for the first time during a workout i really noticed that i was doing myself more harm during my workout versus actually getting stronger/faster. while in the pool this morning (3000-meters beginning at 5:45am) i thought i was going to sink during the 500-meter warm-up. and now tonight i’m about to head to the gym for 1.75 hours on the spin bike & then follow that up with a 30-minute run on the treadmill.

while i know a good majority of how i feel is due to the cold i’ve been fighting for almost 5-days now & the fact that i’m sleeping only 6 to 7 hours each night i know that focusing on rest/recovery is going to be crucial for me to get through the next 5 months of training for CDA. so why am i so hard headed & still going at it like i am? i’ve got 2-hours & 15-minutes to answer this one tonight while at the gym.


Colleen Renee' said...

Brian, do you want me to come beat you with a stick? Seriously dude...you have got to calm down. I can't believe you would write that and then go workout tonight? Your body is trying to tell you something and you NEED to listen. There is a reason why we have recovery....to allow our bodies to re-fuel properly and get stronger. You gain strength in recovery. We have plenty of time to get ready for CdA. You and Noah are killing me with not taking the time your body needs. For example, I saw Noah on the trail this past Sunday AFTER he text me Sat. night to say he was going to stay in for the superbowl because he was still sick. So, let me get this straight, you will not 'go out' for the Bowl but you will go run 13 miles SICK???? If you have a cold, you don't SWEAT it out, it will only linger and get worse. Accelerated heartrate is bad for sickness. Ask any Dr. To fight off colds and such, we need REST. Last week when my body shut down due to all kinds of stuff, I RESTED for FIVE days and that is ok. We are not going to have every week be a "perfect" training week. Sorry, it may sound like I am on my soap box, but if you don't listen to your body and continue doing 15-20 hour weeks when we are JUST supposed to be in base, you will end up injured and hating training come April & May when we really have long weeks to put in. I just can't believe you haven't take a day off. Pro's take off days, why can't we???

Brian Kirk said...

i know, i know... you are right. you aren't the only one telling me to slow it down. i just really like getting out there - of course when i can feel my body not giving it its all i should realize that i'm not getting stronger, just more fatigued. i will chill a bit & schedule in some recovery days. more importantly i'll get a solid 8-hours of sleep vs. the 5 - 6 i've been running on. now that the cold is behind i hope to be feeling really good. i've get to test ride the B12 tomorrow & i'm very excited. this morning ed & i got in 7-miles & then i did yoga/pilates at lunch. it will be nice to just go home after work & hang out & make dinner & relax with kristin tonight. did i mention i've got an appointment at performance wellness today - hip pains (fingers crossed).