Thursday, February 7, 2008

the world’s first!

it is now 4:00 pm & it has been a long day (both at work & training) & i’m sitting on another event call & i’m starving. while my desk drawers are full of protein bars, cliff bars, even healthy trail mix i wanted something else. i dived into my office fridge in the corner to find that i’ve eaten my stock pile of chicken breasts for the week & i wasn’t in the mood for the beets, the pear, or the protein shake.

instead i reached for the hemp bread, the homemade hummus, the raw “like tuna” spread, & the home grilled tofu. i spread the raw “like tuna” on ½ a slice of the hemp bread & the homemade hummus on the other ½ slice of hemp bread. i put a piece of the grilled tofu in the middle & just like that i had the world’s first “hemp bread with hummus, raw “like tuna”, & tofu sandwich.

i know what you are thinking… brian you are gross! not at all, the flavors in the raw “like tuna” spread are amazing & the spice from both the hummus & grilled tofu (the tofu was grilled in spices – we all know tofu by itself has zero taste) was amazing. not to mention how healthy this puppy was! it is full of protein, good carbs, high fiber, & other healthy nutrients.

i hope you all try this new sandwich creation & if you do let me know what you think. anyone else out there got any good homemade sandwich ideas? eryn, i bet you’ve got a sandwich idea that would include nutella :)


Eryn said...

yeah, i've made a few sandwiches in my day that have involved nutella :-)

i've been making that salad that you guys had over here a few weeks ago ALL THE TIME now.....i can't get enough!

Brian Kirk said...

that salad deserves a name :) i recall all the wonderful colors. maybe you could call it sunshine salad.