Sunday, February 10, 2008

too much wine?

when do you know that you’ve got to much wine? kristin & i both like wine – no doubt about it. kristin is far savvier about wine tasting than me – no doubt about that either. she also has a nasty habit of picking up a bottle, or two, or three, & sometimes more when she is out shopping. while we do drink a bottle or two a week, i’m afraid our surplus exceeds what we can drink & if not careful our wine is going to go bad before we can enjoy it.

just like the food in your refrigerator or canned goods in your pantry, wine can go bad. given that we don’t keep a very good inventory of what we’ve got & most often resort to drinking our favorite wines over & over if we aren’t careful we are going to find ourselves throwing away a lot of good wine. i wish there was a website that would allow you to type in information (year bottled, type, winery, etc.) pertaining to your bottle & be told when this wine peaks & when would be the best date (range of time) to uncork it. that would surely help us know which bottles we can continue to let “gather dust” & which wines we need to enjoy in the near future. if you know of such a website, please share!

to answer my original question about having too much wine… maybe you know that you have to much wine when you find yourself having to buy yet another wine rack because the 70+ bottles you have don’t have anywhere else to sit. that’s where kristin & i found our selves last weekend. as a result we had to venture out to buy an additional wine rack & i’m keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t need another until we are able to own a house that has a wine cellar :)

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