Sunday, February 3, 2008

week4 - CDA training in 2008

mileage & training time are really beginning to ramp up. i rode 56-miles yesterday & hopped off for a 20-minute run afterwards - the notorious brick workout! then this morning ran 11-miles. given that i've been fighting off a cold since thursday morning these past few days haven't been all that easy. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i wake up tomorrow with no more symptoms. i've also got to work extra hard to keep some weight on. since jan. 7th i've lost almost 7 pounds!

week4 CDA '08

- trainer at pure (45-mins)
- 2600 – 2900 meter swim with t3 (1-hour & 10-mins)
- total: 1-hour & 55-mins
- pure pump class at pure (50-mins)
- trainer at pure (1-hour)
- 1.8 miles on treadmill at pure (15-mins)
- total: 2-hours & 5-mins
- 2700 meter swim with t3 (1-hour & 15-mins)
- 5.5 mile run with ed around the lake (45-mins)
- total body workout with ed (1-hour)
- total: 3-hours
- spin class at pure (50-mins)
- 1.75 miles on treadmill at pure (15-mins)
- total: 1-hour & 5-mins
- yoga/pilates at pure (1-hour)
- 2300 meter swim at pure (1-hour)
- total: 2-hours
- 56 mile ride with t3 (3-hours & 15-mins)
- brick run after ride with t3 (20-mins)
- total: 3-hours & 35-mins
- 11 mile long run with t3 (1st 7 (53-mins) & remaining 4 (30-mins)
- total: 1-hour & 23-mins

total training time: 15-hours & 3-minutes (those additional 3 minutes were really special!)

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