Sunday, March 23, 2008

4,000 US soldiers killed in iraq

as a result of the 4 most recent US soldier deaths just reported (march 23 2008), the number of american soldiers reportedly killed in iraq since the beginning of this war is now 4,000. let's put these numbers into perspective... this war was launched just over 5 years ago. (4,000 / 5 = 800) 800 soldiers a year on average have died in iraq. (800/365 days in a year = 2.19) 2.19 is the average number of american men & women killed each day in iraq.

tomorrow when you get up & enjoy our morning breakfast & coffee & then go to work & come home to complain about how hard your day was - think about the two US soldiers that gave their life that day so you could complain about that "hard" day at work.

*** this post was *not* published in support of or against this war, bush, or any candidate running in this year's presidential election. it was simply an observation of the US men & women paying the ultimate sacrifice for what most of us to often take for granted - our freedom. ***


Eryn said...

thanks for this...we need to hear it.

Paul said...

i remember us talking about volunteering and how you wanted to alternate time with children and seniors. this post from you made me realize that there was something that i have been meaning to do. i signed up to volunteer for the Veterans Affairs Voluntary service (VAVS). in the houston medical center, i applied for the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center; they won't be review app's till may 1st. if it works out, then i can hop from the children's hospital (started my 5th mth!) to the veteran affairs medical center every sunday. it is going to be an honor serving the veteran. i thank you BK.

Brian Kirk said...

i respect your actions for giving back. it was you that got me motivated to volunteer in the first place. i had postponed my volunteer efforts this year due to the time suck (15 - 20 hours a week) of this ironman training. i'm looking forward to this level of training coming to an end (may be very soon) so that i may pursue the volunteer activities i was considering late last year.