Monday, March 17, 2008

the gayest picture ever

one of my very good friends zia... i can't believe i hang out with someone that would do something as gay as put his snoodle (it's a cross between a poodle & a schnauzer) in a baby travel backpack & then let someone (girlfriend heather) take a pic of him. this is worse than the purple pin-striped suit he wears from time-to-time. indeed, zia is the most metrosexual friend that i have.

rather than just knock zia i will note that he's also one of the most interesting, talented, & smartest people i know. he's running his own consulting firm (razorwire5) & a not-for-profit organization (aienla project). he's traveled to more countries than all of my friends combined (& most of my friends have been overseas a few times) & he's living life "his" way. while zia makes for an easy target to make jokes about i respect him & what he's got going on at many levels.

cheers to you zia & to the gayest picture ever!

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