Monday, March 17, 2008

so not moving to san fran

i think san francisco is one of the best cities in the US. the views are amazing, the restaurants rock (i love avocado on everything), the wine country is a short drive away, the weather is pretty constant, & the city supports an active life-style like mine. in fact, san francisco is number 2 in my list of top 3 favorite US cities.

1. austin
2. san francisco
3. chicago

it's the cold weather without a doubt that keeps me from considering actually living in chicago. as for san francisco - it's simply the cost of living! just as i'm posting this past friday about gas prices here in austin my good friend trevor who is vacationing in san francisco this weekend (following a speaking engagement at eComm highlighting some awesome new & free technologies released by jaduka) sent me a pic from his iPhone of the current (03/14/08) gas prices in san fran.

- $3.93 unleaded plus
- $3.99 performance plus
- $4.09 high performance

that's almost a dollar more a gallon than here in austin. sure, i know that *most* folks living in san francisco get paid more than those of us working in austin, but my gosh that's a lot for gas. it's almost as if they are marketing the gas there too. note that the sign doesn't read $4.09 for 93 octane... they call it "high performance" gasoline. i suppose if i'm going to shell out $4+ bucks for gas i too would want to think i'm getting something more special than just 93 octane gas.

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