Sunday, March 16, 2008

week 10 - CDA training in 2008

as much as it pained me i took it super easy monday – wednesday while traveling to white plains, NY for work. if i really wanted to i could have worked out early monday morning before flying out & when i got back home wednesday evening. instead i let this trip & time off really F with my head & as odd as it sounds i got really depressed. the worse thing about the trip was my sleeping & my diet were both way off course. given that i wasn’t working out, i could have at least made it a point to catch up on some much needed (& deserved) Zs. kristin (thank you so much sweetie) let me make up for a “rough” trip & let me get to sleep super early wednesday night after returning home & when i woke up thursday i hit “it” hard & haven’t stopped since. i got 3 solid workouts in on thursday & on friday, saturday, & sunday i completed my longest workouts of thus far: friday – 1.2 mile (non-stop) swim, saturday – 100.5 mile bike ride in the miserable wind, & sunday – 21 mile run! also, my achilles is doing much better as a result of the daily icing, making ibuprofen part of my daily meal, & changing up my run stride (thank’s for the great advice coach mo). oh, & i (kristin too) had a great 1.5 hour massage yesterday after my bike ride. i’m also heading out to get a pair of new run shoes this afternoon because after resorting back to a 3 year old pair of asic nimbus 9s my feel have never felt better – so long mizuno wave inspire 3s.

week10 CDA ‘08
mar10 – mar16

- rest – traveling to NY from austin
- total: 0
- total body weight workout at hotel (35-minutes)
- exercise bike at hotel (25-minutes)
- total: 1-hour
- rest – traveling to austin from NY
- total: 0
- run (7 miles) at town lake (58-minutes)
- swim (2900 meters) with t3 (1:17 minutes)
- spin class at pure (55-minutes)
- treadmill (1.2 miles) at pure (10-minute)
- total: 3-hours & 20-minutes
- bike trainer at home (1-hour & 5-minutes)
- run (1 mile) with payton in neighborhood (10-minutes)
- swim (2000 meters) at barton springs (45-minutes)
- total: 2-hours
- road bike (100.5 miles) to san marcos with t3 (5-hours & 15-minutes)
- total: 5-hours & 15-minutes
- run (21 miles) at town lake with t3 (2-hours & 45-minutes)
- total: 2-hours & 45-minutes

total training time: 14-hours & 20-minutes
total run: 30.2 miles

total bike: 100.5 miles road & 2-hours & 25-minutes spin bike/in-door trainer
total swim: 3.06 miles or 4900 meters

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