Sunday, March 9, 2008

a great vegan find at kerbey lane cafe

a great new vegan find at kerbey lane. after blogging about kerbey lane cafe last week i couldn't stop thinking about eating there. while kristin was a bit hesitant & really pushing for going to manuel's (one of our favorite restaurants in austin) last night, i was able to convince her to give kerbey a try for dinner. about 6 years ago we found ourselves at kerbey a many of mornings for breakfast/brunch, however, even when we would go for dinner we always found ourselves order something from their breakfast menu (usually breakfast tacos) & never giving any of their dinner entrees a taste.

i was quite impressed with our meal & it helps that the folks working there are all really cool & laid bake & the atmosphere just has that austin feel. i really enjoyed my greek chicken entree & while kristin said the veggie enchiladas she ordered weren't as good as manuel's she was definitely cool with coming back for dinner more often.

the real find for both of us was their hummus & tabbouleh tacos - yum! they stuff two whole wheat tortillas with creamy garbanzo & red pepper hummus, tabbouleh, & sprouts. these two awesome tacos also come with a really nice side salad. all this healthy & tasty food for $5.95. with or without kristin, i'm sure to cruise into kerbey more often just for these vegan tacos!

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