Monday, March 10, 2008

week9 - CDA training in 2008

now that i have the b12 i can’t complain to much about biking out-doors. if i do, i think kristin will kick my butt :). this was a big weekend both for riding & running. 80+ mile ride followed by a 3 mile brick on saturday & then a 17 mile run on sunday. next weekend is even bigger & then we scale it back a bit. one concern for the week is some pain/tightness around my right achilles heel – i hope it doesn’t turn into some goofy injury that holds me back. regardless if i want to or not, next week (during the week) i am going to be forced to cut back a bit due to a work trip to NY for a few days. my goal while traveling is to stay true to a clean diet & get plenty of sleep.

week9 CDA ‘08
mar3 – mar9

- spin bike at pure (45-minutes)
- run (1.70 miles) on treadmill at pure (15-minutes)
- stretching & light weights at pure (15-minutes)
- total: 1-hour & 15-minutes
- bike trainer at home (1-hour & 30-minutes)
- run (3.5 miles) in neighborhood (30-minutes)
- swim (3500 meters) at pure (1-hour & 25-minutes)
- total: 3-hours & 25-minutes
- run (4 miles) with payton at the lake (35-minutes)
- light weights & stretching at home (15-minutes)
- total: 50-minutes
- bike trainer at home (1-hour & 30-minutes)
- run (3.5 miles) in neighborhood (30-minutes)
- swim (3200+ meters) with t3 (1-hour & 20-minutes)
- total: 3-hours & 20-minutes
- run (2.5 miles) on treadmill at pure (20-minutes)
- total body weight workout at pure (20-minutes)
- swim (1000+ meters) at pure (20-minutes)
- total: 1-hour
- road bike (82.5 miles) at spokes ‘n spurs with t3 (4-hours & 45-minutes)
- run (3.0 miles) at spokes ‘n spurs with t3 (30-minutes)
- total: 5-hours & 15-minutes
- run (17 miles) at town lake with t3 (2-hours & 20-minutes)
- bike trainer at home as a recovery ride (35-minutes)
- total: 2-hours & 55-minutes

total training time: 18-hours & 0-minutes
total run: 32.50 miles

total bike: 82.5 miles road & 4-hours & 20-minutes spin bike/in-door trainer
total swim: 4.8 miles or 7700 meters

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Colleen Renee' said...

Forced to recover. I am just gonna say it...I don't get you. Welcome back to the grind? I have been in the grind my friend...just not at the same volume as you. I hope at some point you see recovery as a good thing, cause your body will for sure thank you.