Monday, March 3, 2008

green gold

i've blogged a few times now about my new love affair with the food network & i've been raving for months now about all the new veggies i've been enjoying since kristin became a vegetarian. more recently i've been stepping up to the plate (oven) & cooking more for kristin & i. last week i introduced us both to a new tofu & black bean taco recipe that we both fell in love with. i cooked this up last monday & kristin liked it so much that these tofu tacos appeared on the menu two more times later that week :)

i proud to show off my new talents in the kitchen & i find that as long as meat isn't involved i do pretty well. cooking grains & veggies is so much easier than meat in my opinion. a few weeks i made backed some green gold (brussel sprouts) & they were amazing – don’t you think they look awesome? so simple too: break them fresh off the stalk, rinse them, toss them on a cooking pan, drizzle on the olive-oil, shake on some sea-salt, & crack some fresh pepper. toss them in the oven for 45-minutes at 450-degrees remember to shake the pan every 15-minutes so they bake/roast on all sides.

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