Monday, March 3, 2008

week8 - CDA training in 2008

this was a rough week for numerous reasons. i couldn't seem to get my diet/nutrition under control. i'm hungry all the time so i find myself eating all the time. as a result i was constantly feeling bloated & is if my belly was hanging low during workouts - not a good feeling. i also didn't get outside & ride once this week. i was jazzed about riding saturday morning but the weather went south & i found myself indoors with 20+ other t3ers on trainers for 3 hours. i did a late long run on sunday & again the weather conditions weren't favorable - strong winds & dark clouds along with a lack of food/water prior to the run made those 15-miles absolute hell. i wanted to cash in a number of times but knowing some days are going to be good & some not so good i pushed on through. the one highlight of the week is that my mileage in the water was at its highest so far - 5.25 miles! i'm really having to work my butt off to stay in the t-two lane. i still find myself muscling it more than i need to be & i'm trying to slow it down & really focus on my form.

week8 CDA ‘08
feb25 – mar2

- spin class at pure (1-hour)
- total body weight workout (15-minutes)
- total: 1-hour & 15-minutes
- swim (3400 meters) with t3 (1-hour & 15-minutes)
- spin bike at pure (1-hour)
- run (1.75 miles) on treadmill at pure (15-minutes)
- total: 2-hours & 30-minutes
- run (3 miles) around rosedale (30-minutes)
- elliptical at pure (30-minutes)
- total: 1-hour
- trainer at home (45-minutes)
- spin bike at pure (30-minutes)
- run (3.5 miles) on treadmill at pure (30-minutes)
- swim (3400 meters) with t3 (1-hour & 15-minutes)
- total: 3-hours
- run (7 miles) at townlake with ed (55-minutes)
- total: 55-minutes
- trainer with t3 (3-hours)
- open water swim (1600 meters) at barton springs (30-minutes)
- total: 3-hour & 30-minutes
- run (15.5 miles) at townlake (2-hours & 5-minutes)
- spin bike at pure (30-minutes)
- total: 2-hours & 35-minutes

total training time: 14-hours & 45-minutes
total run: 30.75 miles

total bike: 0 miles road & 6-hours & 45-minutes spin bike/in-door trainer
total swim: 5.25 miles or 8400 meters

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