Monday, April 14, 2008

starbucks has competition

i have yet to try mcdonald's coffee, however, i hear it really is good. the idea of ordering a coffee from someone that just mixed up a batch of mcmuffins, big macs, & fries just doesn't sit well with me. regardless of my feelings about mcdonalds & their coffee a number of folks do order their daily cup of joe from this grease pit.

of course it is this grease pit's ability to offer good coffee for less than a buck that continues to make starbucks nervous. further to their dollar cup of joe, today while visiting (wondering why i was visiting today?) i noticed a mcdonald's ad for their lattes. i'm not sure if this is a new offering by mcdonalds or if they've been doing this for some time... the cool thing is that they sell their medium latte for less than $2 bucks (a $1.87 i think). if it's any good, like their coffee supposedly, starbucks could be in some serious trouble. if anything, those of us regulars at starbucks we'll all benefit as starbucks may need to soon lower their prices to remain competitive.


Paul said...

i'm addicted to mcD's regular iced coffee. hazel nut's alright. haven't tried vanilla. starbuck's is going down bro!

Brian Kirk said...

no way! how long has mcdonalds been offering this product? do you order it with a big mac too :)