Tuesday, April 15, 2008


today is april 15, 2008. it's also tax day & i've taken the day off of work so that i could do our taxes. why oh why do i procrastinate like i do? hell, i'm procrastinating right now... i should be doing our taxes this very moment yet i'm taking time out (procrastinating) & making a blog post about the very thing that i'm saying i shouldn't be doing...

if you follow my blog, you'll notice a large gap (2-week period - end of march through the beginning of april '08) where there was basically zero activity from me. not only was the ironman training consuming so much of my time, but the act of blogging was becoming some what of a to-do list for me. i would start a number of posts & i was keeping track of things i should blog about but i didn't just sit down & write the post. so now, i've got stacks of thoughts & pictures for which i'm not sure i'll come back to post about. it's just like letting dishes stack up in the sink, or clothes in the laundry basket, etc. if we would simply maintain these "to-dos" they would simply become motions that make up our day rather than feeling like work. i actually think i'm pretty good about keeping up with the dishes - i'll defer to my beloved for her opinion.

OK, i really do need to do the taxes now :)

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Brian Kirk said...

2007 taxes are done & i got a swim in today & about to jump on the trainer before meeting eryn & alex for dinner at z-tejas. (note-to-self: granola & yoplait yogurt make me sick.)