Sunday, April 20, 2008

when did i become so yuppie?

if we can't laugh at ourselves, who can?

a couple of weeks ago i was introduced to the blog stuff white people like by my friend trevor. trevor sent a link to this blog to a group of us "white folk" & the e-mail responses from all of us whities were absolutely hilarious. i recall our friend walt saying he had to stop reading the blog after about 5 posts because he was scared his name would show up any minute.

yesterday i myself experienced what should be the next post to the stuff white people like blog. what should have been a long bike training morning for me turned into a shopping extravaganza at the yuppie domain right here in austin. kristin wanted to meet-up with the team-in-training staff who were recruiting for the nike women's marathon in san francisco later this year (kristin signed up folks!) at austin's very own betty sport run shop. after hanging at betty sport for a bit & me binging on the free luna teacakes (i must have eaten 7 of these luna bars) being advertised at a booth in the domain atrium we decided to do a bit of clothes shopping for the new VP of business development as i'd soon be needing some new threads as i travel the world obtaining new business for my company!

eventually i find myself in a leather chair at cole haan trying on new dress shoes. i'm wearing a pink t-shirt that kristin insisted i buy a few weeks back, i've got my starbucks coffee right beside me, & the free pelligrino sparkling water the sales assistant (lyn - she's a chemist during the week) offered me. i felt like such a yuppie king & at that moment i handed kristin the camera (iPhone - jeez, how yuppie am i?) & said you've got to take a picture of this... how yuppie white can i get i thought to myself. the sad thing - none of this was staged! oh, & if you are wondering i did not buy the $200 shoes lyn was so kind to fit for me :).

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BS Art Studio said...

You're stuck. But life as a Yuppie can't be all that bad. At least you have nice shoes and clothes... right?

Being comfortable and secure is not overrated.