Friday, June 13, 2008

fat outlawed

could you imagine if something like this happened here in the states? talk about a country taking control. is it wrong? think about soaring health costs here in the states due to obesity & i think you'll understand why such an approach would be considered. if people can't control themselves, maybe the government should step in...

beginning to rid the U.S. of trans fats was a good start!


Jeremy said...

I think it goes a bit beyond over eating, but even though I am fat I don't think I would oppose such legislation because I know it not good.

However if we are going to control the fat people can we also control the people that drive vehicles that get poor gas mileage. Does some house wife really need a suburban to drive her 2 kids to soccer practice?

This country is full of over indulgence and it's not just at the dinner table.

Brian Kirk said...

over indulgence is definitiely a problem for many of us in the US. we feel it's our right to have BIG things. BIG is better right?

i'll argue for quality over quantity any day of the week.

Eryn said...

BK I think you should be the one to implement this plan.....shall we start in our office and eliminate all of the soda from the fridge?

i agree with J, if the U.S. were to implement something like this they also need to put a limit on how large a vehicle your family can own.

the whole idea about needing a huge SUV to cart your kids around is ridiculous!

Brian Kirk said...

you know what's really crappy? the govt. shouldn't have to implement such a restriction on a person's waistline. a person shouldn't let such things get out of control.

again, i agree with both you & jeremy about the large cars, the large homes, etc. etc.

let's focus on the weight thing though. it's like me asking someone if they like my hat & they start talking about my shoes. can we focus on the hat please :)

Jeremy said...

I think the weight issue goes a bit deeper than ones self control. There are some societal issues at play also, but in the end it is up to the individual.

Weight loss on the other hand is a tricky endeavor. I mean lets face it those of us who are fat didn't get this way by exercising and eating right. So what we are talking about is completely changing peoples lifestyles and that is a tough thing to do.

Also another thing to consider is once you are overweight you lose a lot of energy which makes the whole transition tougher.

The funny thing is if this were 200-300 years ago us fat people would be the survivors and all the naturally skinny people would be the sickly ones. The world has changed faster than wiring in our brains and bodies.

That being said you are right something needs to be done. I am going to be starting on a journey to get fit by my 35th birthday in 2+ years... and I think it will take that long to do it right.

In a society were we want everything now 2 years is an eternity. So people get surgery which doesn't work because they don't modify their behaviors and they get fat again.

Ok well that got long winded... but in summary it's a complex problem and I don't think there is any one right answer for everyone.

Brian Kirk said...


i'm not sure i buy into your brain wiring comment, however, you are right about our bodies being programmed to retain fat. our bodies assume (based on history) that at any moment we could be without food so it better store up some healthy fat for when that day comes.

i've been getting fat lately - have you noticed? when i walked away from my IM training in the middle of april i weighed between 160 & 165 pounds. during those last few weeks of IM training on average i was running 30+ miles a week, biking a 100+, & swimming 5+ miles. as of this past sunday (end of father's day weekend) i weighed in at 189 & i'm struggling to run more than 3 miles at a time right now, i haven't been in the water in 2 months, & i'm lucky to get 20 miles in on my bike if any at all.

so how did i go from IM training to a point where i'm barely running 3+ miles at a time & i weigh 25 pounds more in less than two months? it had nothing to do with wiring & everything to do with my horrible eating habits & me being absolutely lazy!

how about you & i get back "in it" together? we'll change our diets & our habits. it needs to be a lifestyle change; not just something we try for 3 or 6 months too. i'm all up for harassing you if you'll be there to harass me too :)