Sunday, June 22, 2008

ironman CDA 2008

a BIG shout out to all my friends competing this morning in ironman coeur d' alene. i've been in tune with the race since the canon went off this morning at 7:05 AM. you too can get live coverage & video at you can even watch live race coverage! the sights & sounds really bring it too life.

i talked with my buddy ed (he's racing this morning) yesterday & he said that CDA is awesome. he said the course was spectacular & beautiful. a good majority of the bike & run course line the lake & mountains. the weather is supposed to be great today & the water temp even warmed up a bit (high 50s still).

please join me in wishing this great group of athletes from austin a great race - they've trained hard & deserve nothing but the best from today's race:

- ed hughey
- greg edwards
- noah bartsch
- jill berman
- eryn wike
- maggie caldwell
- colleen wilson

good luck to all of you & enjoy this race day in beautiful CDA, idaho!


Eryn said...

there's another "eryn" out there......and it austin?!?!?!

Brian Kirk said...

yep! & the other "eryn" you are referring to kicks some serious butt when racing.