Monday, July 21, 2008

starbucks & vivanno, give me a break

i've been behind a lot of the moves that shultz has taken since returning to starbucks. specifically the decision to replace t-mobile wireless service with a "free" solution powered by AT&T. i'm even a fan & understand the need to close some 600 stores here in the United States (2 in Austin). i like the $0.99 cup of joe idea that was piloted in seattle although it has yet to make its way to austin.

however, the move to only offer the pike place roast after 12 PM really bugs me. especially because i'm not a fan of the new blend. for heaven's sake, it's a coffee joint that only offers one roast after 12 PM. from the time they open (probably safe to go with 5 AM for most locations) they only offer two roasts. the rest of the time they are busy selling $3+ lattes, mochas, etc.

their most recent move to sell smoothies, the vivanno as they've branded it, just adds fuel to the fire. face it, starbucks isn't trying to return to their roots of being a coffee shop. they are simply doing everything they can to make a buck. i haven't tried one of these "healthy" smoothies yet; regardless i can only imagine that this drink is going to cater to the sweet tooth person & not the health guru that wants something safe to put in her/his body.

i wonder if this new drink will bomb as quickly as the chantico drink they tried selling a couple of years ago?

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