Sunday, July 27, 2008

sunday, a variety of foods & calories

each day i become more & more creative in the kitchen & try new things. this sunday has been a day full of a variety of foods & calories. for breakfast i decided to go all in & try waffles; not just plain ordinary waffles either, i included blueberries! my breakfast dish turned out great. i enjoyed 4 whole wheat blueberry waffles with real maple syrup & a sliced up banana with light cinnamon on top. the waffles were garnished with a bold texas pecan roasted bean coffee & a sliced pink lady apple.

for lunch kristin & i made a pasta salad with whole wheat pasta, some of the best tasting olives, some super rich sun dried tomatoes, some roasted peppers, & some simply amazing artichoke hearts that had been seasoned in olive oil. we enjoyed this lunch with a glass of red wine also.

for dinner we hit an old favorite - manuels. kristin had her usual 3-sauce mushroom enchiladas & i enjoyed a bowl of tortilla soup & migas with black beans for dinner.

kristin was feeling super good about her 16 mile run yesterday so we went over to NXNW for apple crisp. it was by far the best apple crisp ever. it was so good that we had to order a second plate of it & this time with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream instead of the 2 it's normally served with.

for a late night snack i had one of my very own recipes that only i would enjoy - a warm wheat tortilla with crunchy natural peanut butter & go lean cereal added for crunch. i actually had two of these puppies with a cup of dark roasted coffee.

it was amazing day for this foodie. i enjoyed a wide range of foods & calories today. i am looking forward to the new week as i begin marathon training for the san antonio rock 'n roll marathon where i'm sure to make good on my calorie intake from this weekend!


Anonymous said...

hello fellow foodie. everything you guys ate sounds delicious.

and kris ran 16 miles......holy crap and good for her!

i'm glad i ordered the apple crisp at NXNW and introduced the entire table to its amazingness :-)

Brian Kirk said...

to note, NXNW changes their crisp daily. so call ahead if you are married to the apple crisp to ensure that's what they are serving that day. i believe their other two crisp options are peach & blueberry.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm i love all three options...esp peach and blueberry.

alex is the one that prefers appe pie, apple cobbler, etc.....