Friday, August 22, 2008

an even bigger fan of bobby flay now

while in vegas this past week (no that wasn't me that you saw dressed as a gladiator) i lucked out & had dinner at mesa grill which is one of bobby flay's restaurants. there aren't many things that i enjoy about las vegas, however, i was blown away with the flavors in the dishes i enjoyed from mesa grill. i actually went for dinner & then the next day went there for lunch - that's how good this place was.

for dinner i started with the tiger shrimp + roasted garlic corn tamale with corn-cilantro sauce which was amazing. i think it's the first time i've ever enjoyed a tamale. for the main course i had the mango + spice crusted tuna steak with green peppercorn-green chile sauce + toasted pinenut cous cous. the flavors & spice from the green chiles & pinenuts complemented a beautiful piece of raw seared tuna!

the next day for lunch i started with the roasted corn soup with smoked tomato salsa. rarely do i order soup but the waiter said i had to try it. like everything else at mesa grill, the combination of spices & heat made this dish fantastic. a bit on the creamy/butter side for my tastes but given the powerful tastes i would order it again. as a main course i went with the pan roasted alaskan halibut with red chile-tomato sauce, crushed avocado + barbequed red onion. the fish was so fresh & such a nice cut too.

the presentation of the meals floored me too. i highly recommend you visit mesa grill & i can only assume that the rest of flay's restaurants are just as amazing.


Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous. i want to go!

that tiger shrimp/tamale dish and the halibut dish sound so great!!!!

Brian Kirk said...

i've got a pic of the corn soup too! i'm not good with using blogger to upload multiple pics; otherwise i would have posted it too :(

Anonymous said...

awwww it's pretty easy.

i always used to do it in html mode...a lot easier to control it.