Friday, August 22, 2008

the monster in me

it's been a solid year since i've eaten at freebirds. kristin & i burnt ourselves out long time ago on the bird. it used to be really bad when we would eat at both freebirds & chipotle. when i learned that mcdondalds backed chipotle i had to stop going.

today for lunch i ordered the monster freebird. what i got looked more like the super monster! i actually took a bet years & years ago & was able to kick back the super monster. i wouldn't recommend anyone try this though.

this picture really puts the size of the burrito i ate in perspective. check out the 12oz cup next to that burrito.

one thing i did learn from my many years of burrito eating was to have them hold the rice. the rice is nothing but a filler & just weighs the thing down. when i order now i have the bird stuffed with grilled white chicken, black beans, & veggies only. sure i felt stuffed & a bit euphoric from all the habanero hot sauce after finishing this monster but nothing like i would have felt if i'd have ordered it with rice.

my recommendation is to go all in on the monster, just have them hold the rice & load it up with hot habanero sauce too.

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